Juicing Schedule Shortcuts

There’s a rhythm to getting the juicing done without having it consume the day. Since I’m following the ‘non-malignancy’ Gerson Therapy juicing schedule, I’m to drink 10 fresh juices per day on the hour. Although the absolute ideal is to prepare fresh juice each hour, I’m beginning to take shortcuts. From what I’ve read, the Green Juice especially should be drunk fresh, so I don’t take shortcuts with that. However, with the Carrot Juice & the Carrot/Apple combo, I’m preparing some ahead of time & using a Food Saver with jar attachment to remove the air from the juice jars so they stay fresh longer.

The way it’s evolving for me:

At 8am, I begin the 8:30am breakfast and fix & drink the Citrus Juice (either orange or grapefruit). Then I wash the citrus juicer and dishes.

At 9am I prepare 10:30am’s Carrot/Apple Juice & ‘food saver’ it (preserve by removing the air), then I prepare 9:30am’s Green Juice & drink it immediately. I wash the Norwalk Juicer, bowls and counter (floor & walls, too, if necessary). If it’s a work day, I coordinate the morning’s coffee enema to take place on my work’s lunch break (scheduled very early in the morning since I start work pre-dawn.) At 10:30am, I drink the already prepared Carrot/Apple Juice.

At 11:15am, I prepare 11:30am’s Carrot Juice & drink it immediately. Then I prepare 1:30pm’s Carrot/Apple Juice & ‘food saver’ it. Then I prepare 12:30pm’s Green Juice & drink it immediately. After that, I wash the Norwalk Juicer, bowls & counter again, cleaning the floor & walls if they’re messy.

Hopefully by this time, my friend has brought the Gerson approved lunch he’s prepared for me. He picks up the juices I’ve ‘food saved’ for him and I have lunch (while working) & drink the 1:30pm juice prepared earlier.

Then I prepare & drink the 2:30pm Green Juice. I clean the Norwalk, counter, bowls, (maybe walls & floor) and do the second coffee enema of the day. The second enema is scheduled after my official work day has finished.

There’s a break until 5pm, at which time I prepare & drink the 5pm Carrot/Apple Juice, then I prepare & ‘food saver’ the 7pm Carrot/Apple Juice, after that I fix & drink the 6pm Green Juice. I clean the Norwalk & all its rigamarole before doing the third & final coffee enema of the day. By the time I finish, it’s time to think about drinking the already prepared 7pm Carrot/Apple Juice and rest while having the Gerson-prepared dinner brought over by my friend. He picks up any remaining juices I’ve prepared & ‘food saved’ for him during the afternoon & evening.

During the course of the day, I monitor where we’re at with produce and update the shopping list for my friend to know what to purchase for the next days’ consumption. (We’re working on a system so more items can be bought in bulk quantities so my friend won’t have to make as many runs to the grocery store).

Even with these shortcuts, the day is extremely busy. But I do cut down the juicing machine cleanings from 10 times to just five times per day. I’m learning to adjust to the pace, although I still dread work days & trying to incorporate this busy-ness around my work schedule (I work from home, fortunately; otherwise, there’s not a chance I could have started the Gerson Therapy).

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5 Responses to Juicing Schedule Shortcuts

  1. Hi. I’m doing the Gerson therapy too! You have made no mention of you putting the Lugol’s or potassium powder into certain juices. Are you doing that too? And what about the castor oil enemas? Keep in up!!! I’m glad you are getting results already…so am I! I’ve been on Gerson Therapy for about 6 weeks. And am seriously thinking about starting a blog too. Good luck!

  2. gersonandme says:

    Hi provinggerson,
    Since most of my health issues tie back to inflammation-related conditions, I think I’ll stick with the coffee enemas. If I had a cancer diagnosis, though, I would also be doing the castor oil enemas. Given Gerson Therapy is such a time consuming endeavor, I wanted to ease into the lifestyle. Now that I’m not feeling quite as overwhelmed by the juicing & enema regimen, I hope to start the supplemental powders & shots within the next couple weeks. I’m interested in hearing about the results you get from doing Gerson Therapy. Good luck to you as well!

  3. Thanks for the outline. Much appreciated

  4. optimalmerachelann says:

    I’m headed to Medford Oregon to begin my Gerson journey. I’m a full time nanny. How often do I have to do enemas? Can it be done before an after work with a 9-5 schedule.

    • gersonandme says:

      The frequency depends on whether it’s for a cancerous or non-cancerous condition. If it’s for a cancerous condition, I absolutely recommend you purchase one of the books and preferably communicate directly with one of the Gerson organizations. If it’s a non-malignancy protocol, it’s suggested you do the coffee three times per day (last I heard). It may be a matter of entering the grey zone where you’re doing less than the suggested protocol but more than nothing.

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